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Outsourced CFO

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As a nonprofit organization you may find you need the advice, support and guidance of a CFO or Director of Finance but cannot afford the cost to hire one full-time.  Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC offers outsourced CFO services for nonprofits that need professional financial advice at a reasonable cost.   Our outsourced CFO services are designed to support your organization with accounting

oversight so you can make better decisions, focus on your mission and core competencies, and get control over your finances.

Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC evaluates the effectiveness of your operations and helps you improve internal controls, streamline operations, regulate cash flow, reduce costs, manage funding effectively and plan for the future.  We will compile meaningful financial information you can use to manage your budget and keep expenses in check. We’ll also ensure your bookkeeping is up to date and all the necessary data is being recorded accurately so you can maintain your funding from grants.  At Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC, we understand and appreciate the unique financial challenges and dynamics of nonprofit organizations and the importance of financial transparency and accountability to your donors and to the general public.  We offer a variety of outsourced CFO services, customized to fit your needs, on an ongoing part-time basis or for special-project assignments, including:

  • Financial management/Reporting

  • New business start-up

  • Accounting review and cleanup

  • Accounting system setup

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Policies and procedures

  • Fraud avoidance & internal controls

  • Industry benchmarking and KPIs

  • Job costing and profitability

  • Tax compliance and planning

  • Cash flow analysis and planning

  • Risk management & insurance

  • Grant reporting

  • Board/audit committee governance, reporting, and support

  • Contract management

  • Performance trends/Costs analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Cash management & analysis

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Special project assignments

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Layne is committed to understanding your organization and the issues you are facing so he can provide you the highest level of service possible.

Click the link below or call Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC at 225.922.4746. to schedule an appointment to discuss how he can help your nonprofit organization save on expenses and tackle any financial hurdles that might impede your success. Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC serves nonprofits of all sizes throughout the state of Louisiana.

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