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Consulting Services


Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC provides a wide range of consulting services for nonprofit organizations, including Finance, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Risk Management, Board Development and Governance, Policy Development and more.   In addition, these services can be designed to address the unique needs of your nonprofit organization and tailored to fit your budget and resources. 

Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC understands the challenges that nonprofit organizations have to deal with on a daily basis – diverse groups of stakeholders with competing visions and ideals, tight budgets, limited resources and increased scrutiny from their donors and the general public.  We work with you and your team to implement customized and collaborative strategies to address your complex operational challenges–whether those problems are rooted in people, culture, organizational structure or, most commonly, some combination of these. Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC builds on your organization’s strengths and works with the whole organization to improve systems, enhance communication, support the development of leadership, staff, and board, reduce conflict, and clarify your mission and strategic vision.


Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC offers a full range of consulting services to new and existing nonprofit organizations, including:

• Strategic and business planning

• Risk management and insurance

• Leadership development and coaching

• Grants management and compliance

• Fund development and compliance

• Volunteer risk management

• Board development and governance

• Policy development

• Impact assessment

• Exempt status consulting

• Campaign development

• Gift administration

• Board and staff relations

• Leadership Transitions

Lawyer with Clients

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Building Homes

Click the link below or call Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC at 225.922.4746. to schedule an appointment to discuss how he can help your nonprofit organization save on expenses and tackle any financial hurdles that might impede your success. Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC serves nonprofits of all sizes throughout the state of Louisiana.

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