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Nonprofit organizations are the primary business of Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC.  We truly understand the challenges of finding a balance between effective financial management and the fulfillment of your mission and responsibilities.  By providing financial and operational leadership, guidance and advice, at Layne R. McDaniel, CPA, LLC we can assist you in achieving your goals and fulfilling your organization’s mission.  We streamline your accounting, management and tax services, so you can put more of your resources towards growing your membership, providing member benefits, program services and other mission-driven activities.  We take great pride in our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and in providing nonprofit accounting, management and tax services to nonprofit organizations of all sizes throughout the state of Louisiana.


Charity Drive

Maintaining timely and accurate financial records is one of the most important responsibilities facing every nonprofit organization today.  But doing it right is time-consuming, and the rules are complicated.  As a nonprofit organization, managing your financial accounts is a greater challenge than it is for many other types of small businesses. You have regulations and requirements that for-profit businesses don’t. 


There are many reasons why nonprofit organizations outsource their accounting function.  The one most cited by top managers of fast-growth organizations is being able to focus on the mission, programs, and fundraising while having the assurance that finances are being competently managed.


Additional reasons include employee turnover, audit issues, and inadequate accounting technology.  Outsourcing is not only more efficient, but it is more cost effective, especially when comparing to all costs involved in paying, training and housing employees.


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Layne has been a driving force on Manship Theatre's Board of Directors since 2012. He served as Treasurer and Board Chair and was instrumental in establishing new accounting protocols for the theatre. His experience as a CPA helped to streamline accounts and assist Manship in operating more efficiently and effectively. He is a tremendous advocate for so many non-profits in the Baton Rouge Area and a valued and respected voice at the table.

Melanie Couvillon

Executive Director - Manship Theater

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